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I was well aware that the street I was walking on passed a corner which is notorious for "smash-and-grabs" (windows of cars waiting for a traffic sign getting smashed and valuables snatched off the seat). It's a patch of green nearby a viaduct with no lights - a perfect place to quickly disappear. I was just walking on the other side of the street. Didn't help me this time - but I've walked that stretch of road dozens of time in 2007, also after nightfall. But then I was always still on guard - and yesterday I had pretty much dropped it...

Generally, crime in Jozi appears somewhat migratory to me - because intensified police actions are migratory. The business district is getting cleaned up, and notorious Hillbrow is following. The area where I live seems to be on the rise: it's full of careless students with enough money to live outside the townships. It's also the new academic year - also a period with higher risk.

Less than 30 minutes later after I had "redistributed" my phone, near the street where I stay, there was a massive police raid. My friends told me today that the area appears currently heavily targeted by the police.

But it's good advice. I'll be asking for some more car pooling in the meantime and will just swim more on campus to get my exercise...

by Nomad (Bjinse) on Sun Feb 10th, 2008 at 12:13:53 PM EST
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