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Wife of Bath:
"do people like Muriel have some inner sense that they don't have as much time as the mortality tables suggest, and does that spur them to leave a legacy such as Muriel's in as short a span of time?"

I have often wondered that as well.  I was always known as a bit of an impatient rebel and a radical in the context of Irish business and society, but Muriel sometimes took my breath away with the sheer audacity and single mindedness with which she pursued her goals.  Where I would look for a compromise on the principle that one step backwards which enabled two steps forward was a win, she simply wouldn't take no for an answer on the principle of "why walk when you can run"?

Once the local council threatened to close a voluntary citizen's information she was running on the grounds that two out of thousands of leaflets there didn't specifically rule out referring a women for an abortion abroad if that was what she wanted (non-directive counseling).  It never occurred to them that she wouldn't simply do what everyone else in Ireland did - keep the leaflets under a counter.  Even letters to the Attorney General requesting requesting her prosecution wouldn't budge her.

She wouldn't have gotten half as much done had she adopted the usual softly softly approach.  People in authority looking for an easy life knew it would be much the better option just to give her what she needed.  (I did rather enjoy drafting quite a few letters, petitions, reports etc. on her behalf - there are an awful lot of very creative ways in which you can suggest to people that cooperation is in their own ultimate best interests!)

"It's a mystery to me - the game commences, For the usual fee - plus expenses, Confidential information - it's in my diary..."

by Frank Schnittger (mail Frankschnittger at hot male dotty communists) on Sat Mar 1st, 2008 at 10:41:52 AM EST
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