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When the stock market bubble was popping, and the markets were going crazy, he stood firm and wouldn't lower interest rates until several months later. Then he went to congress and backed Bush's tax cuts and told them that we were in danger of having too large a surpluss. Then he lowered interst rates month after month and kept them so low for so long a time that the housing bubble, which would of occured anyway after the 90's, become much larger than necessary. Then he approved of this ingenious financial innovation called "what in the fuck are u doing lending money to people who shouldn't be borrowing that much money in the first place". everything he has done since 2000 has been wrong or too little or too late.

He should of lowered interest rates sooner than he did in 2000 and risen them more from 2004 on. never backed those tax cuts and given stern warning to the financial markets on their reckless behavior. He is a failure whose policies will lead to the next great depression.

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by the misunderestimated on Mon Mar 17th, 2008 at 02:59:04 PM EST
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