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<sigh> Where to begin?

If "ICU case yourself!" offended you I apologise. It was not meant as an outright insult, but as a flippant way of reminding you that casually speaking of France as an "ICU case" was in itself offensive.

You twice speak of "sleight of hand" and "slyness" on my part. Nothing of the sort. For instance, when I say "The famous mentalité d'assistés that anyone on the right trundles out without a second's further thought", I'm simply speaking from experience, since this is a French expression greatly used by French people on the right of the political spectrum. It was not a dig at you in person. When (in the CER thread) I said I was sorry if I sounded aggressive, and said "do get some rest" when you said you were exhausted, I was simply showing you some respect.

I'm not an ombudsman and I was not writing my comments in any official capacity. I'm a front-pager here, meaning I can post directly to the front page and have some editorial powers ordinary users don't have. If I write in that official capacity, I preface my comment with [ET Moderation Technology™] . (Front-pager duties are explained here). My comment above and my comments on your CER thread were written as from one user to another. Nothing in what I said implied I possessed any authority or rank over you.

You say you have "openly admitted to being right-wing". Fine. But you seem to be complaining that the general ethos of ET is left-leaning. There's nothing sneaky about that, it's clear and above-board. Please see this from the site FAQ:

European Tribune - Frequently Asked Questions

What's a progressive? What if I am not one?

"Progressive" is an political term used loosely to identify activists of the left, favorable to sound and fair economic and social policies, equality of chances, and the defense of personal rights. The European Tribune is broadly progressive, but welcomes all contributors regardless of political self-identification, provided that they be respectful of the mission of this site, provide principled disagreement and don't engage in trollish behavior.

(Please note that I am not accusing you of trollish behaviour.. :-))

So you are a conservative posting on a left-of-centre blog. What surprises me is that you don't seem to expect other members here to argue with you, to call on you to substantiate what you say.

Yet what you say (or what you draw attention to, in the case of the CER report) is likely to attract criticism here. You say  you hope to "start a debate" but, when the debate starts, it's not the kind you want. For example, you seem to think it beneath you to discuss facts (re the CER report), to present some facts to back up what you say: you reply that you don't do "data-mining", and you send me off to find stuff on the net. But I'm not the only one to ask you for some substance to support your allegations (and, in this diary, there are allegations aplenty). If you say something, then you back it up, you don't tell others to go looking in your place.

As for your diary above, it's framed in a way that suggests it's a comment on Charles Bremner and his view of Sarkozy. I think I'm quite within my rights in saying I'm not interested in that. My point is the casual assumptions, and the more than loaded language, that you include about France, and that, for me, make up the main thrust of your text. You seem absolutely certain of them:

our dear friends who are not French should know that part of the problem is caused by the French themselves who cannot go beyond the permanent 'assisté' mentality.

the sick man/ICU case of Europe

This is not Bremner, or Sarkozy, or CER, or your memory of what you think Barroso said, this is you speaking. What's so extraordinary about being asked to explain and provide substance?

So you say you will stop posting, well, that's up to you. There is no reason to delete anything, on the contrary, that would be unfair to what you have written and to the contributions of other members in the discussion threads. As for "we can delete", I think it was part of an explanation about what front-pagers can do. But the only stuff we delete, as part of maintenance tasks, is spam, or comments that get posted twice. Not your comments and diaries, T3C :-)

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