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As usual, thanks for the detailed and informed comment. But let me react to some points you make:

 I think ET lacks a transparent structure and process for defining/agreeing editorial policies, resolving disputes, and representing the public face of ET in the real world.  

That's a fair point, I think, with which we have grappled unsuccessfully so far. It's a community blog, so we pride ourselves on not having one person taking all decisions; but within that context it's not arrogant to say, I think, that I have a strong influence on what goes on; and yet I am often in a minority view on a number of topics...

I'm hoping to revisit this in the near future.

 hate the moral superiority of pre-defining ourselves as "progressive" when we should have the moral courage to allow the facts and logic takes us where they will - even if that means adopting a position others might type cast as conservative, Marxist, utopian, or whatever.  

Fair enough.

I sometimes find it very cliquish and prone to setting a higher standard of evidence for dissident views than those which set the "dominant narrative" within ET.

Now this I find really unfair. We may not provide evidence every single time we say something here, but we do have it and, as I noted above, it's sometimes draining to have to re-explain in detail point that we've successfully explained in the past. (Maybe we need to build a quick reference library for some topics...) Evidence there is, and I'll be happy to provide it every single time.

I don't think we set higher standards for any position, quite the opposite. As Colman remarked as well, we're pretty tough on one another - we fight sloppy thinking and unsubstantiated assertions everywhere - and there is more of that amongst those that repeat the 'common wisdom' prevalent in the media than on our side, given how we've taken the pain to go into data in painstaking detail.

because we have a tendency to pay lip service to tolerance of diversity and yet give minority views a hard time.  For a forum which prides itself on evidence based argument and high standards of behaviour, too often ad hominum and personalised attacks do creep in.

Now that seriously requires substantiation, because I'd say it's flat out false. ET is one of the websites least prone to ad hominem and insults. By far.

In the long run, we're all dead. John Maynard Keynes

by Jerome a Paris (etg@eurotrib.com) on Fri Mar 21st, 2008 at 02:25:27 PM EST
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