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In the long run, we're all dead. John Maynard Keynes
by Jerome a Paris (etg@eurotrib.com) on Fri Mar 21st, 2008 at 04:57:28 PM EST
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I thought you were referring to what Frank wrote.  I didn't think he was implying that you were.  

"Pretending that you already know the answer when you don't is not actually very helpful." ~Migeru.
by poemless on Fri Mar 21st, 2008 at 05:03:36 PM EST
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I hope you haven't construed anything I wrote as implying I think you are intolerant because that would be the very opposite of my intent. I wouldn't be here, were it not for you, and I suspect ET wouldn't be either.

"It's a mystery to me - the game commences, For the usual fee - plus expenses, Confidential information - it's in my diary..."
by Frank Schnittger (mail Frankschnittger at hot male dotty communists) on Fri Mar 21st, 2008 at 06:11:57 PM EST
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