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So to clarify: this is, basically, Jérôme's gig

No, this is ET's gig and Jerome is financing it--at present.

If he decided to pull the plug right now, no more ET.  

Or would ET reincarnate somehow?

Those are legal-type issues that meet many of the nuts and bolts and lathes and parser conversations here.

I mean, "How to build a better future--and what's wrong with the present version" is ET grist-for-the-mill.  But when it comes to the future....of ET!

As I wrote a while back, for ET to be a community with power, as contrasted with a community that vests power in a leader...

As you have written a few times, fluid hierarchies....the best wolf for the job takes the lead.

But if the whole hunting trip is Mr. Wolf's, then when Mr. Wolf say "That's enough", we all stop hunting...whatever Mr. Wolf wanted to hunt.

I mean, I just sent some euros to Berhnard's site (moonofalabama) because...he works hard and is clearly sole owner.  With very few exceptions the article(s) for the day I by Bernhard.

At ET there are as many voices as people who can

--work out how to post a diary
--write a diary
--post the diary

How does the photo blog fit in to any proposed structures?

What if a person from...I dunno....Kajikistan...ripped the pics and sold some books?

Does anyone care?  The pleasure is in the moment!  And in the other moments!

What about if the person doing the ripping worked at Madam Murdoch's Times--and crowed about having ripped them off and how much money she was making....

I mean, who cares?

I 100% agree with Frank re: arbitration processes--that might be necessary if and when ET pulls enough eyes to pay some bills--

I think it's actually very simple:

ET is a community website
It is currently financed by Jerome a Paris


But if this is Jerome's gig, then we're all the support acts, right?  Or the accompanying musicians?

Heh...it hit me, like the master of Go saying, "Yes, there are masters of Go.  You don't believe me?  Let's play Go!"

The power is the power of ideas, to get beyond the power of muscle, whether bicep, brain, or finger--or money of course--

Who pay?  He the boss!

Don't fight forces, use them R. Buckminster Fuller.

by rg (leopold dot lepster at google mail dot com) on Fri Mar 21st, 2008 at 07:07:08 PM EST
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