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I agree that 'pro-life' and its use does allow them to frame the debate in their terms, but also that 'pro-choice' allows us to do the same thing. I'm sure they would counter that the 'baby' (they love using that word for an embryo) gets no choice, as much as we would say that their beliefs don't consider the woman's rights.

I don't really have any solution to the terminology problem here, hence why I decided to use 'pro-life', as they would consider everything but their self-appellation loaded. I suppose I would expect them to use 'pro-choice' for describing me, if we were having a civilised debate on the matter.

Maybe a good way of showing not only that this is about the woman's right to choose, but also that the opponents of abortion are often misogynist/patriarchal in character, is to use the word 'pro-woman'. Although that would potentially set females and child-bearing as    opposing each other, which is not strictly true.

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by Ephemera on Sat Mar 22nd, 2008 at 12:56:06 PM EST
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