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This scale  is a total mess!!!

Orlov is a russian emigree, people. He describes here the collapse of the russian system.


Stage 5, 4 and 3 exist for a long time. Because USA is an recent country formed in its absolute majority of recent immigrants.
of course, the same plant who gives the poison in part gives the antidote in another (an idea tested abundantly by its author - Prof. Jorge Paiva) (it's a carrot and stick situation, i bet). so we also  have philantropists and deeply religious people; an independent film industry centred on non-competitive people; and free software - America finest hour. However that is not the bulk of the system.

the sequence has been 3,4,5. will be followed by 1,2.

important notes: 3 happened in the Europe of old (pre-welfare state); before they entering the boat.
the US (America (the rest of the hemisphere does not exist)).

4 is a recent stage, and it is the determining stage.
In "the economical illusion", Emmanuel Todd, the foremost thinker on modern society as-far-as-i-know, on pair with Guy Debord (different perspectives, but what can one expect?, it is a Wicked problem) , suggests the change in behaviour of immigrants for socially cohesive background to their grandsons.

5 results directly from 4. but one can also point out that economical immigrants everywhere cares disproportionally about money. i noticed that in Portuguese colonists to Africa.

stage 2 will be short in time.

End note: in every collapse, all these steps happen.


A candy for those who think i am very aggressive on my description of the us:

Who won Texas (in the democractic party primaries)?
answer bellow, courtesy of a friend of mine, who offers GAMGI to the world.

> Obama.

But you don't read that in English, only in French

Unless we have TexasTwo - the 51st state. Oh well, for those who read FT regularly this exercise in doublespeak is yawning.

by findmeaDoorIntoSummer on Sun Mar 23rd, 2008 at 01:43:34 PM EST

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