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Having been on Lavelle's list, you must have seen this link, but still, election posters from the previous years from the Expert .

1 is Yeltsin's "people's deputy into people's president".

Other notable mentions are: # 4 Gorbachev's  slogan is "the president we've lost... The only one who did not hold into power for the power itself." This catchy one earned him 0.5% in 1996 elections.

#7 is "ultra-nationalist" Zhirinovsky in Hellraiser T-shirt and "I'm one of you" slogan. T-short says "no brain, no pain".

#9 is General Lebed' with his "give me twenty".

#10 Yavlinksy attempts to scare people with freedom he was going to impose on unsuspecting populace. 7.3% were intimidated into voting for him.

#11 demonstrates that back then negative campaigning was allowed. #12 expands on the theme with anti-Zuganov poster "buy some food one last time".

There are a lot of jokes being made about "Putin's plan", and #14 shows that in 2000 there was a "Putin's formula" - he was promising a dignified life for the people. There are more to quality of life than just money, in particular, reading Russophobes like Lukas can affect it negatively, but looking back seems that "Putin's formula" worked: official average salary in Russia increased from 77$ in 2000 to 598$ in the beginning of 2008.

Speaking of Russophobes, here is a nice blurb from Exile:

I can not find Lukas's predictions for 1999 Russia in English, so let me do a reverse translation of the Russian text:

1999 will be a year of Russia disintegration. It will not be final and dramatic. Everything will be decided outside of Kremlin. Foreign intervention, in the peaceful and humanitarian form - is what Russian regions really want. Foreign companies and governments find it already easier to deal with regional powers and not the central government. Russian disintegration is fueled by the economy, not nationalism. The dead hand of the center will be replaced by the same meddling by the local powers. Competition between regions will be a force for the better management. Small and resourceful bits of the country will be pushed to ten or so reach regions.

The next phase of  disintegration - the external political guarantees. The foreign governments now are busy in talks with regional leaders like M. Prusak in Novgorod. We can expect new consulates and a number of contacts on a high level after the world starts to look differently on the political map of Russia. Russia's neighbors Japan, USA and Scandinavian countries will be the most involved in trade, investments and democracy development. The middle Russia risks to be forgotten. The infrastructure disputes will emerge ("I have a pipeline, and you have oil").

BTW, Russophobia does seem to run in families. Or think tanks are becominga family business? Lukas's wife once quipped in the article on London RE:

Xenophobia is unacceptable, and inexcusable. But Russophobia? Can you blame us, when all we want is a home of our own? Nyet.

Feeling your pain, Cristina, feeling your pain.

You mention Russian Chalabi, Kasparov, but he was oddly out of the news lately. Man sure needs pick a fight with a few policemen, get arrested, that kind of thing. Not controlling the message and slipping off the new cycles is just bad use of USG money.

by blackhawk on Mon Mar 3rd, 2008 at 04:11:05 PM EST
I actually saw those old posters on EnglishRussia - quality source for hard-hitting news. ;)

"Pretending that you already know the answer when you don't is not actually very helpful." ~Migeru.
by poemless on Mon Mar 3rd, 2008 at 05:28:00 PM EST
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