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I am someone who stopped going to protests in May of 1970 when I was asked to chant in front of a GE stockholder's meeting, "Save Mother Earth."  I swore at that moment that I would NEVER do something that irrelevant and goofy again.

Now there is NOTHING wrong with street action.  I don't even believe it saps energy.  If that is what you think your calling to be, make puppets and march in the streets with my blessing.

However, I don't think street action is what the folks who come to Eurotribune should be doing.  Let me explain.

Because I am graceful with tools, I get along VERY well with the members of the building classes.  The idea that our problems are due to insufficient political and cultural awareness of the car mechanic or carpenter is just plain wrong.  The grassroots are FINE!!!

The real problems exist at the level where the conventional wisdom is hatched.  Our politicians make preposterous economic decisions NOT because they are corrupt, but because the guys with all the "credentials" are filling their heads with utter bullshit.

See, that is OUR job.  Not to fill our leaders heads with more bullshit, but giving them good, sound, ideas that allow them to at least ask meaningful questions.  It is why I think our Jerome is bucking for sainthood with his crusade to relabel neoliberalism as "Anglo Disease."

Let others march in the streets and organize "grassroots" campaigns.  We have other fish to fry.  If we could come up with 20 ideas as effective as "Anglo Disease" we WILL change the world.  Ideas ARE important and the time has come to ridicule the right-wing crazies out of the debate.  There is NO way to meaningfully address the big problems like peak oil and climate change without changing the operating economic assumptions.  

This is OUR battle and Eurotrib is a damn good place to figure out how to fight it.  We MUST create the new "conventional wisdom."  It is a HUGE problem but there are some seriously smart people who come here.

"Remember the I35W bridge--who needs terrorists when there are Republicans"

by techno (reply@elegant-technology.com) on Sun Mar 30th, 2008 at 06:30:28 PM EST
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