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Good comment, techno.

We've talked, off and on, of forming a "ET ThinkTank" and it always seems to bog down.

In my opinion we have a wide range of expertise with a wonderful potential waiting to be harnessed.  The harness, IMNSHO, is money and, allied to that, is a 'customer.'  The latter solves the former.  If we could find a customer willing to throw ~150,000€ a year for two years we could write a serious of position papers that would destroy the intellectual foundations of the Washington Consensus.  

Hell, we've already done it, but in an inchoate manner, spread across the years of diaries and comments.  

The job would be to go through ET, construct coherent arguments, do a bit of research, toss in the proper academic dongles, and write, write, write.  At the end of two years the output should be a minimum of two books and 10 papers.  (That's off the top of my head, we might double or - if things work out right - even treble it.)

Getting the books published is a known solution.  Getting the papers published is more - heh - academic but they could always be hand-delivered to various decision-makers and the media.  Since we're not really interested in getting tenure that's good enough, IMO.

Realistically, in order to qualify for support at that level a team would have to be formed, a funder found that would agree to fund if the teams proves itself, a set of criteria from the funder needing to be met, and the team prepare a paper meeting that criteria.  

I know, cuz I done done it - along with many other people here, doing the research and writing the paper is the easy part.  Finding the funder is the problem.  

And on that I'm of no help.

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by ATinNM on Sun Mar 30th, 2008 at 07:23:12 PM EST
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