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Jerome, don't feel down. Feel knurd. It's unpleasant but it works.

What you're doing has nothing to do with Greenpeace/Bové style activism. The "Anglo disease" is about framing the discourse and, interestingly enough, the action is directed towards the media and politicians, not ordinary citizens. In some degree, it's lobbying.

Plus, you have a pretty serious ally in this affair: reality. The Anglo disease is not an important issue because you feel very strongly about it (the ward single-issue activist use to gauge their own importance). It's important because it's real and it's bitting the whole lot of us right now.

That's more what I call citizen expertise: developing and articulating knowledge about important issues outside of the anointed circles so it is possible to tell them "No, you are wrong and here's the proof" when they serve their usual "expert" crap. That works even (and, probably especially well) for highly technical issues.

But you don't go around hectoring passers-by on how immoral they are for not caring deeply about the Anglo disease. That's what Greenpeace and the single-issue activists are doing and then they are all outraged and indignant when the passers-by just answer "whatever".

by Francois in Paris on Sun Mar 30th, 2008 at 09:56:38 PM EST
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