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Coalition poker...

...in Hessen state: one SPD membersaid she would not vote for local SPD leader Ypsilanti as PM of a minority government with Left Party outside support. The right-wing press is burying Ypsilanti and celebrating her as hero -- say, Financial Times Deutschland wants a monument for her. But even Realo Green leader Bütikofer speaks of "mobbing" by the SPD party leadership against the rebel.

....in Hamburg city-state: Black-Green (CDU+GAL[local branch of Greens]) seems coming. Though preliminary talks saw no agreement in some of the thorniest questions (including a new coal power plant demanded by the CDU and rejected by GAL, and a London-style congestion charge demanded by Greens), the GAL party leadership began to present proposed agreements to the party basis, which has to vote on them.

...for the liberals: the FDP banned itself into opposition with a strict declaration of only aligning with the CDU. But now party leader Westerwelle gave in to critical voices within the party: he declared that Traffic Lights (SPD+FDP+Greens) is a possibility after the next federal elections. (This won't mean anything for Hessen, though.)

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by DoDo on Sun Mar 9th, 2008 at 02:28:30 PM EST

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