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There's lots in the threes and twos, I think, there must be great archive material--dancing in fields.  Dusty porches and banjos.  Lots of jazz...I'm going to stick with my idea of the eights for a mid point; enough to chew and then chew it.  Fours and threes and twos need elaboration--so sixes and eights elaborate.

I mean, who cares?  As long as the rhythm works and then--where's the melody?  

I enjoyed the Beatles track because there they were, wandering through the beats, rich popstars asking the same questions and with the money to record something different--

All the excellent percussionists--and the public wants melodies--but melody and harmony...so I thought: Melody & Harmony for next week.  How does that sound?

Don't fight forces, use them R. Buckminster Fuller.

by rg (leopold dot lepster at google mail dot com) on Wed Apr 2nd, 2008 at 08:25:48 PM EST
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