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I had a more micro view of rhythm, closer to the one you'd learn when academically studying music : syncope for example, which is when the rhythm is accentuated before the beat (as in Smoke on the Water or I Wanna be in America), the effects of fast or slow rhythms, square rhythm such as found in pop as opposed to the more broken rhythms in rap... Rhythm as only underlying the melody, or as the main feature of the music (think african drums)...

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Ah yes, accents--the guy who demonstrates the 5 beat goes through three or four different patterns on the five, moving the accents about--I've always liked 7 beat as 3-2-2 but I enjoyed the 4-2-1 of Shoreline.  I had a look at some videos about the various beats in flamenco 12/8--fiendishly complex!

Here's an example, where the guy explains the accents, claps out the accents (and explains clapping techniques)--and he plays well!

Understanding Flamenco - Part 3 (8:11)

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