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I wanted to write about the case of Ciaran Tobin for some time, now I can just summarize an article on [origo].

Ciaran Tobin is a director of the insurer Irish Life. On 9 April 2000, he was driving his Volvo across the Hungarian town of Leányfalu waay above the permitted speed (at least 80 instead of 50 km/h). In a curve, he overtook another car, but at the end he drifted off to the sidewalk -- and hit a small child and his even smaller sister in a baby carriage - killing both.

Tobin repeatedly left the country during the legal process against him, first in September, then - finally - in November 2000. No one held him up. (Now [origo] learnt from judicial papers that Tobin was first allowed to leave after the Irish ambassador in Budapest requested so and gave personal reassurances; and that against prior practice in such serious cases.) His lawyers tried all kinds of excuses, from brake error through tyre explosion to sudden appearance of a car from a side street, but in the end, he was sentenced to 3 years in May 2002. Reduced to 18 months on second instance.

However, Tobin was and remained in Ireland. So the Hungarian court issued an arrest warrant and requested extradiction. In January 2007, the Irish High Court rejected the request, and maintained the decision on second instance this March. The argument was that Tobin didn't flee from Hungary back in November 2000, but left legally. Tobin may in theory be arrested if he sets foot in another EU country before 2012. However, the Hungarian government doesn't feel they have to do anything, say turning to Eurojust.

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