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That I am not, and honestly I don't know any who compete who actually do.

It's not a healthy diet, really, especially the nasty cholesterol-laden protein you get from industrial-raised livestock, research on which is in nascent stages.

Linda McCartney's race team was quite competitive on an all vegetarian diet, the jury's out on what sorts of proteins are the best; but either way, the average man in western europe certainly doesn't need more than 200 grams of protein or so per day taking as average a 180cm man at 75kg as roughly average. Add to this a supplement for recovery in the case of athletes (which most people I know, including me, take in combination with a complex carb base mixed with whey solids, so not exactly meat) and you are about right for diet needs.

And not all of that protein need come from meat sources.

I'm not saying being a vegetarian makes you a saint, and for the record i'm not a vegetarian. But McBouffe is not only bad for you, it is unsustainable.

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by r------ on Wed Apr 16th, 2008 at 06:04:58 PM EST
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