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Yes, it's from the book. Mazoyer identifies various major agricultural systems, with increasing productivity :

Slash-and-Burn, which came first ; then Hydraulic system (think the Nile) ; the  diverse Inca system which uses the variety of ecosystems around the Andes mountains with local specialisation and redistribution ; both of those systems are more or less a side track, not applicable everywhere.

Then comes "light tooled animal pulled agriculture", which corresponds to the Ard : it was created after the Mediterranean forest disappeared, uses fallow land. IIRC, the lack of capital access in the Third World means that many farms still have not accessed this technical level.

Later systems are "heavy tooled animal pulled agriculture", corresponding to the introduction of the plough to till the heavy soils of Northern Europe. It requires access to iron, stronger animals, and corresponds to the triennial crop rotation.

Afterwards would come the disappearance of fallow land with nitrogen enriching plants introduced into the rotation, and then various waves of mechanisation.  

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