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Here is an article in "Izvestia" in Russian where one of the journalists in "Moscow Correspondent" describes how the divorce and coming marriage story appeared in the newspaper. Kp.ru is running a simular story.

There was plenty of space left in the political section (usual celebrity filler stories would not do) and late at night overworked and drunk journalists decided that it was a good idea to put a made up story about Putin.

In the morning it still seemed an excellent story as suddenly newspaper and its site was popular. Euphory subsided when goons in civilian clothes came and took the editor "for a talk". Rumors were that they were FSB, but author is sure that they took him to the owner of the paper.

After editor was back, over the next few days he became less and less accessible to the staff, and to the press they were saying that FSB is talking to him. Shortly after that editor was forced to resign.

BTW, those things can be lost in translation and in spoken speech intonation plays a role, but "we envy him" may be a proverb from historical anecdote about Stalin when political enemies of the successful commander complained to Stalin that there are rumors that he changes women too often for a loyal member of the Party and asked then what they ought to do (with the commander). Stalin's answer was "envy him".

by blackhawk on Wed Apr 23rd, 2008 at 05:35:46 AM EST

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