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Isn't one of the points of using vibrato when singing or playing, to make sure to hit the harmonic pitch along the others ?

No, it's more because vibrato sounds nice. I suppose it could work as a disguise for not-quite-in tune sounds, but almost every culture seems to have invented it, including the ones that are harmonically exotic. (By Western standards.)


Indeed, pitch adjustment is also important harmonically, especially if the instrument is tuned with an equal temperament : when playing A on a guitar, you don't get a pure 440 Hz vibration, but also bits of 439 Hz and 441 Hz, etc..., so that when playing a chord, there will be perfect harmonies between the various notes...

Not quite. Open strings play a fixed pitch - if there elements of pitches either side of the fundamental, you'd get obvious beat effects.

What guitars do is kind of complicated, and depends on the kind of guitar and how it's being played. But usually the pluck starts very slightly sharp because the string has to be stretched to make the note. There's a wide mix of overtones in the pluck, and they're not all harmonic.

During the sustain part the overtones become harmonic, with some phase cancellation created by sympathetic resonances in the other strings, which are never perfectly in tune. So you get a moving overtone structure even from a single string. Pianos do this even more. Play a chord and hold it and the sound keeps changing.

But what you don't get on fretted instruments is perfect harmonies. Guitars have to be detuned slightly to sound their best, which is why you can use a digital tuner and still find the sound is not right.

I have a fretted dulcimer which can't be tuned perfectly. You have a choice between a good fifth on on open strings, or a good unison when the middle string is fretted. So the middle string has to be tuned between those extremes, and it never quite sounds right.

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