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If all you are trying to get is the image, don't use that photobucket "html code" option at all. Use the "Direct link", not the "html code", and put it in a "img" tag. Also, you should only need to click in the "Direct Link" text box to copy the URL for the picture.

<img src="...paste URL here...">

... to give:

If you want the image to be aligned to the right edge, "align=" gives that:

<img align="right" src="...paste URL here...">

for right aligned gives ...

No need to use "align" for left, that is the default, just put the img tag starting on its own line.


Center aligning is tricker. Because of the html code that a diary is embedded in, if you use align="center" on an image alone, it ends up in the left hand edge.

To center an image on its own, put it in a center aligned table ... one set of tags makes the table, one set makes the row, one set makes the item in the row, so its just one thing sitting inside the centered table.

<table align="center"><tr><td><img src="...paste URL here..."></td></tr></table>

... for centered gives ...

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