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Yes, but this makes an assumption that, confronted with this stark reality, the British Government will have a Damascene conversion and reverse the idiotic privatisation of infrastructure policies of the last 30 years.

I read the piece as saying that the policies of the Anglo disease have these kind of ill effects, not as saying that anybody in power would recognise that fact any time soon and do anything to change course.

That is:

Countries that do infrastructure well (and which include people in what is meant by "infrastructure") are likely to do a lot better in the long run.
... says nothing to suggest that the UK or the US will change course in order to be amongst the countries that do infrastructure well.

Countries have in the past held onto failed economic ideologies and have thereby driven their economies into the ground.

So the fact that the current US and UK approach to the economy is one that is doomed to fail in an environment of rising energy costs and ever-increasing importance of energy and material efficiency is not a prediction about whether the US and/or the UK will change course ...

... its only an observation that they should.

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