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Colman: Is there enough Chinese nationalism to prevent a trade war turning into a revolt of the Chinese middle class?

Does anyone know what critical commodities, products, or services the U.S. exports to China that would be hard to replace (if any)?

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by marco on Mon Apr 28th, 2008 at 10:15:28 AM EST
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Over the last half century, the key strategic resource for the core economies have been the ability to produce productive equipment ... machine tools, heavy turbines, etc. ... and there's nothing on that front that the US producers that the Chinese cannot get from Japan.

Indeed, if thinking of China as a great power, it really has to be the Sino-Japanese system that is the great power.

There may be selected strategic raw materials, but of course between Australasia and Africa, it does not seem likely that the US has any kind of actual lock on strategic raw materials.

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