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Jake, I am  glad that we can discuss these issues in such a civil matter. Let me address just a couple of your good points you have made.
It's funny how Singapore and Hong Kong are the two examples repeatedly trotted out by free-market-enthusiasts. The only two examples. Sure "do like Singapore" is a good prescription for wealth - assuming that you're located smack dab in the middle of one of the most highly trafficked straits in the world. Oh, and assuming that you're a city-state that doesn't have to worry about a rural population.
I am not even saying this is an example of "free-markets" and I already noted that the people of Singapore lack many freedoms that you and I enjoy. I provide this as only that a country that engages in the world and tries to find its comparative nitch can succeed without natural resources. I also pointed out the industries that are not necessarily dependent on location. Thus no reason that Haiti could not benefit from its close relationship with the US and the proximity to large North American markets.

I have a friend that was engaged in some tourism development in Haiti in the early 80s. Well instead of these projects going to Haiti they ended up in Dominican Republic. Much to do with attitude.

True they could have pulled them out of the arse. At times other reporting agencies seem to do that also, but for a look at something that might be of interest:
Survey Methodology
And more information at here for some PDFs:
Freedom in the World 2008 Survey Release

Carry on and I look forward to seeing some diaries from you on these subjects.

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