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It is not a "parent organisation." They have completely different origins and there is little and less reason to treat them as one organisation. If the way they treat their enemies were the deciding factor in whether an organisation was a part of Al Qaeda or not, the US Marine Corps would be a part of Al Qaeda. Well, except that I doubt that Al Qaeda has access to quite as much white phosphor.

And of course you said "extremists." But you were talking about partisan organisations. And while I have not studied the matter extensively, I think it is fair to assume that it will be hard to find the complete works of Kemal Atatürk in the Kurdish territories. So no, I don't buy the assertion that you can pick up any book you like in Vietraq. Not even if you exclude the parts of Vietraq where people are shooting at each other on a regular basis. Which in any case makes any comparison apples-to-oranges...

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