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Yeah, I like that one--reminds me a bit of Sigur Ross but without drumming--so I'd say this was 'ambient' by which I mean 'no specific beat patterns'--I think it's overall based on a four, which I worked out (decided) by trying to count the chord changes, see if there were four chords spread over a long time scale, but I think it's a bit more complicated than that, esp. at the end.

Another band it reminded me of, though on a re-listen the connection is the guitar sound and it may just be in my head--is My Bloody Valentine.

First up, To Here Knows When (4:43), which is a four beat but as the song progresses the beats get drowned in washes of guitar.

And then, as a contrast, from their earlier days, Kiss (3:51) I think the intro count goes:

5 3 4
5 3 5
5 3 6
5 3 8

(could be wrong!)


On a technical note, are you having any problems with videos stopping then starting then stopping then starting?  The same thing happens over at youtube--some videos run okay, but others keep stopping/starting(and it seems to be at all different times of day and night.)

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