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I have a friend who needed his piano tuned.

"How would you like it?" said the piano tuner.

"A bit sharp at the top and a bit flat at the bottom."

Any pieces you could offer us so we can hear an example or two?

btw, in case anyone doesn't know how to post a video (just in case!):

  1. go to youtube
  2. find the video you like
  3. copy address from address bar (e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFuyvbK_6Cw)
  4. take out the first part (i.e. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=).  This leaves you with the code for the video (in this case the code is   fFuyvbK_6Cw)
  5. Type two open brackets   ((
  6. Type youtube  ((youtube
  7. Add a space, then the code  ((youtube OMZODtaf4d4
  8. Close it with two close brackets ))

It should look like the following, but without the asterisk (hat tip to Migeru for this technique)

((*youtube fFuyvbK_6Cw))

Take away the asterisk (don't leave a gap)

and you get this (4:22):


And now a silly story: the same friend who has his piano tuned sharp at the top and flat at the bottom was talking about the microtonal keyboard:

"It reproduces," he said, "almost exactly the sound of an out-of-tune piano."

Of course, it depends what you play!


Hey, thanks for the comment!

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