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I really don't have much to say here, beyond two things. One, it seems that at least Gordievsky is a Her Majesty Secret Service employee, and he could not veer off the corresponding message. Rather, there might have been a tension between Scotland Yard's story and MI6 story, and if this is the case, MI6 has won hands down.

Second, today there's an article in a second-class Russian business newspaper "Vzglyad" ("Vedomosti" and "Kommersant" are the first class; "Vzglyad" tried to enter that elite group, but seems to have failed). This is actually a report from an interview given to RIA Novosti by the FSB Deputy director Viktor Kolmogorov, head of the FSB operative information and international relations service. He says the following:

We are ready for cooperation and interaction with them [British security services] but the first step should be made by Britain. We expect them to apologize for unfounded accusations as we are absolutely uninvolved in what they accuse us

In a Russian version of this material we can also read:

Комогоров констатировал, что в настоящее время говорить об эффективном взаимодействии ФСБ России и спецслужб Великобритании нельзя, так как "у нас сложились определенные отношения в связи с "делом Литвиненко".

Kolmogorov stated that currently we cannot say about efficient interaction between Russian and British secret services, because "certain relations appeared because of Litvinenko case"

"Они обвиняют нас в чем-то непонятном, хотя совершенно беспочвенно, совершенно надуманно", - подчеркнул Комогоров.

"They accuse us in something unclear, though absolutely groundlessly and artificially (can't find a better word here - S.)

"Этого конструктивног&# 1086; взаимодействия не хватает. Мы рассчитываем, что эти времена пройдут, но первый шаг в нормализации отношений между спецслужбами Великобритании и ФСБ России должны сделать англичане, а не мы... Англичане сделали шаг в сторону от нас, пусть делают первый шаг и навстречу", - считает представитель ФСБ.

"We miss this constructive interaction. We count on these times passing, but the first step in normalizing relations between British secret services and FSB should be made by British,not us... British made a step away from us, let them make the first step towards us also" - thinks FSB representative (read Kolmogorov - S.).

Он пояснил, что в настоящее время спецслужбы Великобритании не участвуют в мероприятиях, проводимых по линии ФСБ.

"Они блокируют все наши инициативы, кроме них, этого не делает никто. Это связано с надуманным "делом Литвиненко", которое они придумали и которое имеет политический оттенок, и не имеет под собой никаких оснований для обвинения ФСБ по этому делу", - сказал Комогоров.

He explained that currently British secret services do not participate in operations of FSB.

"They block all our initiatives, no one but them is doing this. This is connected to this unfounded "Litvinenko case" which they invented and which has a political tint, and does not have any foundations to accuse FSB in connection to this case"m said Kolmogorov.

The FSB head was changed after Medveded became a president. The new head, Alexander Bortnikov, was actually accused by the "The New Times" magazine of being an immediate organizer of Politkovskaya murder. "The New Times", beyond having an outward reputation of a very liberal outlet (for example, they have Valeria Novodvorskaya as a columnist; she started calling Putin's regime totalitarian a couple of years before Kasparov started doing so), was accused of being used in internal struggles between Russian secret services.

Reading through the materials, it seems that the FSB is very confident. It would be interesting to see if any semi-official response by the MI6 follows.

by Sargon on Sun May 18th, 2008 at 04:01:21 PM EST

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