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It all depends on what your definition of "party" is.

If it's a political party, then your first statement is incorrect. The DS party did not receive the "most votes." They formed a coalition, something they had not done in the past, with other political parties, and together they received the most votes. In point of fact, the results of this election mirror almost exactly past elections when the so-called nationalists won the most votes. Again, let's do the math I've done above. It should be obvious that the parties who refuse to play footsie with the EU on Kosovo won the majority of the votes. Just add them up, and you'll see that this is the case. I did the math in the diary. The nationalists landed over 50%. The pro-EU groups landed over 38% and will likely add more as they ally with the ethnic minority parties.

Lastly, most newspapers are also trotting out lines which state that "the will of the people supports the pro-EU groups," while other newspapers have gone so far as to argue that a Nationalist coalition would be against the will expressed in the election. It's that kind of "framing" that I'm responding to.

by Upstate NY on Wed May 14th, 2008 at 11:20:46 AM EST
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