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for Washington to appear to be taking Warsaw's side by building missile installations in Poland, at Russia's western border, was the epitome of incompetence.

The pressure is coming from Washington, the Poles are rather reluctant.

Then large quantities of oil were poured on the fire by imprudent Polish nationalist leaders, itching to land digs against Russia, who stated that now Russia would think twice before ever attacking Poland where US armed forces would also be stationed.

Huh? That's a provocation?

Russians' relations, for example, with their Slavic cousins in Poland have been troubled for centuries, and for Washington to appear to be taking Warsaw's side

OK, now I see where you're coming from, but really, as good a poet as he was, don't you think you should be basing your views on something more objective and at least a tad more up to date?

he US actions occurred against the background of a highly emotional issue for Russians, namely the Second World War, and the monument to dead Soviet soldiers that the Estonian authorities moved out of Tallinn because they said it was a monument to Soviet domination of Estonia

And if perhaps the Russians were willing to acknowledge that it is also a monument to the brutal imposition of Soviet rule over Estonia, they might get along a bit better with their neighbours. But what do I know, maybe if the Americans stay in Iraq for another forty years, build large war monuments to their soldiers, and then pull out, folks like you will be cheering on American outrage if the Iraqis proceed to tear it down.

Who needs Atlanticists when the 'pro-Russian'  Westerners seem to be bent on making sure that Russo-Central European relations remain horrible, that those countries look to to Washington, and regard a more independent and consolidated EU as a serious threat to their security.

by MarekNYC on Sat May 17th, 2008 at 08:10:39 PM EST
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