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It's called (perhaps unfairly) a

vanity press.

Another iteration is called an "Author mill".
It can work.
That said, results vary, but generally the best hope you have, if you seek a wider audience, is that you will be able to market yourself well enough to build a cult or small but noisy following, and that a regular publisher will pick up the manuscript.
On the down side, you don't get the very real aid of either content editing or copy editing--if there are glaring errors stylistically or errors of fact, no one will tell you.
Of course, a lot of people don't want to be told.

Umberto Eco wrote a book in which an "Author Mill" was the frame for the story--
The name is lost--was not the equal of "Foucault's Pendulum" at all, as I remember.

Capitalism searches out the darkest corners of human potential, and mainlines them.

by geezer in Paris (risico at wanadoo(flypoop)fr) on Sat May 17th, 2008 at 08:27:04 AM EST

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