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Indeed it had a very realistic and direct feel when I watched it a few years back. Unsentimental post-collapse. (Or was there a love-story with a tram driver? I don't remember its details well.)

There was a "love story" with the tram driver, but it didn't have a happy ending.  She was beaten and raped by gangers and chose to stay with her abusive husband rather than run off with Danila.  But you know, "unsentimental" is not the word I would choose.  There is a certain sentimentality about it, more implied than explicit.  Maybe Danila is even absurdly sentimental, doing these things all for his brother, or the way he saves the director who stumbles accidentally into that hostage situation.  

Question: do I remember right that the cast was largely amateur actors?

I have no idea.  I didn't do much background research on the making f the individual films (unless it was included on the DVD.)  I was more interested in having an overveiw of the current state of things.

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by poemless on Wed May 21st, 2008 at 11:25:11 AM EST
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