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  1. Re Iron Monsters = military, by brain is dead... We are told about military area because of the scene in the train (below) and then the crossed barbed wires.

  2. In the doubled train scene, the co-passengers who are eating in a semi-disgusting way, ask her where she's going, and upon her reply ask what she wants to do with the military? In version 1, she answers her doctor sent her there to shoot grenades, because that is so exciting it gets her off heroin. In version 2, she answers that her therapist sent her there because it helps her get away from depression and suicidal thoughts. (The foods the co-passengers are pushing into their mouths are also different between the two versions.)

  3. He seemed to be accused of throwing a girl (who looked like Marina) out of the window, based on the testimony of a neighbour. But, thinking further, I believe this and the next scenes with the piano tuner are illustrations to the point of the aquarium cleaner, that names don't matter, and you are this one day and that another - then, indeed he was framed.

  4. One to the Orthodox, too.

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by DoDo on Wed May 21st, 2008 at 12:42:37 PM EST
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