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but maybe you will see one of these films and say, "WTF was that supposed to be about?"

Well, I watched 4, and am full of such questions...

  • What's the symbolic significance of the four trucks that appear three times?

  • Who hanged him/herself(?) when the girl is leaving the puppetmakers' forbidden village?

  • Who are the Iron Monsters Zoya's boyfriend constantly babbles about? (And why is the village forbidden military area - unless it has to do with the clone experiment? Or the bigs? Or both?)

  • What is the significance of the two versions of the girl in thre train, with two versions of why she is leaving town? (My lame guess is: that it doesn't matter, the City is bad for health)

  • What was that between Marina and Zoya? And in the opening, are the other two asses those of the four sisters, in which case I'm confused about the timeline, or 'clients'?

  • Was the piano tuner framed or did he really commit something (in case it's that I missed some details); or it doesn't matter?

One thing I thought I 'got' in the film was countering the rural-urban counterpoint of the traditionalists by following up urban desolation with a brutally unsentimental picture of even worse rural desolation.

PS: don't tell me the old woman who always ran shouting wasn't Terry Jones from Monty Python!

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by DoDo on Wed May 21st, 2008 at 09:58:48 AM EST

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