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Point one: while I know it is fashionable to assume that those in the US in great trouble with their debt loads have gotten to where they are by consuming unwisely and/or otherwise making individual choices (like too rich a home, too big a car or whatnot) the fact of the matter is most people who end up in trouble do so because of one of three reasons:

  1. Catastrophic illness of themself or a loved one;
  2. Loss of spouse (either by death or divorce/separation)
  3. Loss of job.

These three factors accounted for roughly four of five bankruptcies in the US prior to bankruptcy "reform"; since Democrats and Republicans came together to make it far more difficult, unlike for the wealthy (via their businesses), for middle-income Americans to discharge their debts, the credit crisis becomes the logical proxy for what in the past simply was classified as "personal bankruptcy".

Point two: You will never succesfully cast a progressive frame on this issue when you lead your argument with a reference to debt due to "shopping sprees". That's a right-wing frame you are employing, best to not even go there. (It's an inaccurate one to boot.)

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by r------ on Mon May 26th, 2008 at 12:54:24 PM EST

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