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Let's not hesitate to have the really high marginal rates for, well, very high incomes. 8xGDP per head is, what, 200 000€ in many places ? that's certainly very wealthy, but suprisingly, not that extremely rare. You're still hitting doctors, successful small businessmen, even some shop owners, at that level. It's not extraordinary enough. Even worse for a 60% rate at above 4xGDP/head. (In the UK, is it families or single persons who pay income taxes ?). You risk getting into fights about taxing the upper middle class. Not that I'd care, mind you, but it is politically harder. Whereas aiming to a 80% rate for, say, 100xGDP per hear will still hit quite efficiently those wage that create really problematic inequality, and much more clearly hits only the very fat cats. It's going to be very hard for the populist right wing papers to find "normal" families being hit with such a tax hike : even selling a bubbled up house won't give enough income to reach that rate. Whereas obviously, the CEOs, and the owners, routinely reach those incomes.

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