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For similar reasons, I'd cut the first bracket away : a 700k home happened upon much of the Parisian-and-suburbs middle class as a result of the housing bubble. The "standard family home" has been used as an excuse to cut the Estate tax ; let's not allow the same excuse for the wealth tax.

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Okay, multiply the brackets by 30 (longer lifespans and lower long-term ROC rates). Also start with a 1% rate and round off the multipliers

0% below 30x GDP wealth
1% between 30x and 60x GDP
2% between 60x and 120x GDP
4% between 120x and 250x GDP
8% between 250x and 500x GDP
12% between 500x and 1000x GDP
16% between 2000x GDP and 4000x GDP
18% between 4000x GDP and 8000x GDP
19% between 8000x GDP and 16000x GDP
20% above 16000x GDP

The top bracket kicks in at 400M.

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