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I suspect such (explanatory, I don't know about predictive) models could already exist, based mostly on Leontieff's Input/Output analysis. Also things like the model developed by the Club of Rome for the Limits to Growth.

I would think such formulations would be most likely to be embedded in the source code of economic models, proprietary and inaccessible to all but those who maintain the model.

What I was getting at was the question of whether there might be some competitive advantage to a better theory that might facilitate adoption of said theory.  If so, this might be a disruptive technology that could be exploited towards beneficial ends.  More likely is that it would immediately be employed to build more profitable casinos.

The current Neo-Classical Economic Mythology seems to be the bastard offspring of Loki and Fortuna.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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