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I have quite a few essays on my web site which are riffs off the basic axiom of Daly. I cast problems as a four-stage process.

  1. Define the problem
  2. Define goals that would solve the problem
  3. Define the steps to get from 1 to 2
  4. Define a workable transition plan which can overcome the power of those who benefit from the status quo.

For a long time I was critical of Daly because he only dealt with 1 and 2. He seems now to have moved to 3. I view this as progress.

The real problem is 4. Tell me how we are going to get the wealthy who also control the levers of power to give up both wealth and power for the "greater good". There are very few cases of this happening voluntarily. Usually there is some sort of civil unrest or revolution required to effect real change.

Look how difficult it is to even get some marginal changes in the US income tax rate or the estate tax.

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by rdf (robert.feinman@gmail.com) on Mon May 5th, 2008 at 12:30:58 PM EST
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