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Jerome a Paris: We need to get an Occasional Series started.

then don't forget to throw in this one as well:

[Auf Wiedersehen, la dolce vitaTM Alert]

"In France, when you can't afford a baguette anymore, you know you're in trouble," Ms. Renard said one recent evening in her kitchen, as her partner measured powdered milk for their 13-month-old son, Vincent. "The French Revolution started with bread riots."

The European dream is under assault, as the wave of inflation sweeping the globe mixes with this continent's long-stagnant wages. Families that once enjoyed Europe's vaunted quality of life are pinching pennies to buy necessities, and cutting back on extras like movies and vacations abroad.

Potentially more disturbing -- especially to the political and social order -- are the millions across the continent grappling with the realization that they may have lives worse, not better, than their parents.

For Europe's Middle-Class, Stagnant Wages Stunt Lifestyle - New York Times

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by marco on Mon May 5th, 2008 at 06:22:35 PM EST
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