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If I give myself a little time to discuss this...

Existing "legal" situation is utterly ugly. What is even more unfortunate is that the precedent... works.

Here is a slow clarification: it certainly works for the Baltic governments and their national interests.

It works for the settlers in the sense that staying in the Baltics remains their best (objective) option or (subjective) preference. They won't be doing better back in Russia - fewer economic opportunities and no less unpleasant prejudices are waiting there.

I know the Russian-speaking population bemoans the lack of status and full rights, rightfully. But what would they do to change that? They can organize themselves because of a monument to be moved, but you don't see them acting together for a rightful status. Is their situation and everyday difficulties a high priority to anyone, including themselves or the Russian government?

They know that their situation is unfair, but they would rather go along with those extra little injustices and difficulties than do anything about it. Their situation is not generally worse than those legally just contracts of "competitive" employment all around the world. I can imagine that they might "fight" for it and achieve a rightful status, but the price is not worth it. Achieved justice would likely to leave them poorer and with less opportunities and friends.

Sometimes I think that perfect justice is an agreeable but somewhat unnecessary goal. People can live with some injustice, be it legal or "emergent". They would rather adopt, and very frequently reasonably so.

by das monde on Mon May 19th, 2008 at 02:11:52 AM EST

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