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Tough question, sad trend. A well-established one. Your company seems to have made a pretty compassionate choice in their reaction.
I have wondered about this too, and I think there is a connection with self-esteem and social mobility, feelings of powerlessness and worthlessness. I think the current fashion for multiple punctures of the body, Goth as death fashion, all tie in with treating yourself badly--because you feel badly about yourself.

Jerry Farber wrote a book called "The Student as Nigger" in which he pointed out that a system that taught racism on the concealed, implied level victimized the white student as well as the black,---because that white student became a bigot as a function of concealed values he or she was not well equipped to spot, and therefore resist even if he was not before. I oversimplify of course- good little book, far better than my tiny paraphrase.

Imagine you live in a place where economic divisions are growing rapidly in such a way that the majority of young people will never make as much money or have the status level of their parents. Imagine that you are growing up at a time when your parents are, far from overprotecting you, --just flat absent,-- working most of your life. Imagine that you are living in a warming world, in which there is a trash dump, a giant plastic "gyre" 6,000 miles wide out where the pure pacific ocean currents used to flow, where-------

your parents can't seem to get off their asses to  fix ANYTHING-

Anyone we know?    

Capitalism searches out the darkest corners of human potential, and mainlines them.

by geezer in Paris (risico at wanadoo(flypoop)fr) on Fri May 9th, 2008 at 09:12:40 AM EST
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