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European Parliament News Headlines: Malicious bloggers under scrutiny in new report
"I blog, therefore I am" is the mantra of a new generation of bloggers who express their thoughts and views on the internet. However, according to a new report for parliament's Culture Committee a minority with malicious intentions or hidden agendas pose a danger. It calls for a voluntary code to identify the interests of the authors, clarification of their legal status and an ombudsman to guarantee media freedom.

The report - drafted by Estonian Socialist Marianne Mikko - also warns against the concentration of media in the hands of a few companies and says that the media is vital to safeguarding democracy. The report calls for social and legal guarantees to journalists and editors. "The media remains a powerful tool, which should not be treated solely in economic terms," she said. It also stresses the importance of protecting media pluralism and multilingualism. Fellow MEPs in the Culture Committee approved the report on 3 June. It will be put to the vote in the full plenary in the future.


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