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I have the same hope, and the same feeling that it ain't gonna happen. I don't mind Furman so much given the job he's suppposed to do, but the fact that Goolsbee was his first go to guy was a very bad omen. Actually the article I read on the Furman issue gave made me feel slightly better. They mentioned which economy policy types Furman was reaching out to - Rubin, Summers, Stiglitz, Jared Bernstein, and Jamie Gailbraith. The first two are of course the high priests of DLC centrism, albeit of a pretty competent sort. However, the other three are all decidedly to the left and have routinely engaged in full frontal attacks on the economic consensus. The first group was inevitable, the second not so much. But that's still a pretty thin reed, I've not seen any indication that Obama is inclined to try to really sharply change things on economic policy - whether that's due to his own beliefs or his assessment of the political realities is unknown.
by MarekNYC on Thu Jun 12th, 2008 at 03:29:29 AM EST
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