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just curious, what do you consider the SPD and the PS - raging right wingers?  JKG was a standard issue left wing Democrat in the fifties and sixties - i.e. to the left of the current mainstream European left. Stiglitz, Jamie Gailbraith, and Jared Bernstein would be on the left wing of any European leftist party today except Die Linke (and their economic views would fit in fine there). By your definitionat best ten percent of the continental Western European populations support 'leftist' policies. And yes, JKG didn't like dictatorships or full fledged state owned planned economies (ADA was a group of left wingers who opposed American communists) - is that really your definition of true leftism? That's not what I'd call anything near a 'reasonable' definition
by MarekNYC on Thu Jun 12th, 2008 at 08:09:20 PM EST
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