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Keynes himself was a centrist.  He managed investments for Cambridge, and speculated in currencies.  When Alvin Hanson started teaching Keynes at the University of Minnesota, the Farmer-Labor Party stalwarts like my grandfather thought him a sell-out.  (He was.  Keynes would not come to agree with the Farmer-Labor Party until towards the end of his life.)

You are probably young.  But here's a factiod you should never forget.  Tricky Dick Nixon was a Keynesian.  He believed in wage-price controls. He proposed a minimum income scheme.  He gave us regulatory agencies like EPA and OSHA.

I am old enough to remember when Republicans elected to high office were economically FAR to the left of say a Bill Clinton or a Tony Blair.  Now YOU may have moved so far to the right that JKG was a "standard issue left wing Democrat" but I certainly have not.

I would also suggest you re-examine some of you economic ideas.  Folks who have ideas like yours have horribly mismanaged the economy.  We can have $515 trillion in utterly worthless derivatives, but the heavens would fall if we spent $2 trillion per year on projects that are necessary to the survival of humanity?  And then you show up on my comment thread to give me cheap lessons on how markets are supposed to work in applications that are, at best, irrelevant, or who the hell is a left-winger.

You seem like a bright guy.  If you actually grow up, you might some day have something remotely interesting to say.  You are not interesting--I can hear the tripe you spout 24/7 on any number of cable channels.  And folks like you have created multiple catastrophes.  Perhaps, just perhaps, you guys are just plain wrong!

This will be the last time I debate with you.  I have no time for people who think they are clever because they can debate definitions.  I thought that shit was boring when I was on the Jr. High debate team.  Whether you think JKG was a leftist and I think he was a centrist doesn't change one damn word of what he wrote.  But you debate definitions all you want with whomever finds this interesting--I have historical evidence on my side.  And on this turf you may be entitled to your own opinions, but not to your own facts.


"Remember the I35W bridge--who needs terrorists when there are Republicans"

by techno (reply@elegant-technology.com) on Thu Jun 12th, 2008 at 11:22:26 PM EST
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