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  1. Everyone who votes an ignorant NO to the Treaty. Everyone who is positive to European ideals, but doesn't understand how it works. Educationalists and school kids. It has to be user-friendly, with mind-numbing detail severely restricted. I'd also so it should be entertaining (or appear entertaining) as far as possible.

  2. As always, the best question.  Depends how it develops. I think it is worth doing for the restricted audience of ET (in English). But if we make it open source, or at least non-copyrighted, others may wish to rebuild it in other languages. The web structure should be built with that translation in mind. We can also ensure the best use of keywords so that it turns up in searches. We can send out a MSM press release at launch.

  3. Yes. Even if open sourced and non-copyrighted it should be ET-branded.

  4. EU funding is a possibility, but the process is long-winded. Getting it made official would probably take even longer - several years perhaps. Either way we have to do all the work to get the money, so why not just do it? However if we pool our contacts there might be some altruistic money out there.

Certainly to do it well is going to take a lot of person-hours. And, in this case, running it as a proper project( a la Frank S advice) is probably necessary. Linca has volunteered as coder. What other skills do we need? Research, system analysis, design, copywriting, coordination, etc etc?

You can't be me, I'm taken
by Sven Triloqvist on Mon Jun 16th, 2008 at 03:33:38 AM EST
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