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I propose one major change, which I consider important. Instead of just having country boxes connected to EU institutions, there should be country boxes with "ears" representing governments. Then, two sets of different-coloured, but light shaded arrows should point to the Parliament resp. the Council. So that people understand that the Council represents the governments, the EP the people.

Speaking of the Council, the "Council of States" (which may  be better called "Council of Ministers") should be below the "Council of Heads", and the two should be twinned.

It may also be better if the Commission (to which we could 'twin' a "Directorates" bubble, the same way the "Council of States") is placed sideways of the Council, because while it is de-facto less important than the Council, it is (1) the de-facto government of the EU, (2) it is further removed from the countries.

As for the various lesser funds and bodies (of which the EZB is a major omission), maybe that could be worth a separate graph, rather than cluttering up this one.

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by DoDo on Mon Jun 16th, 2008 at 04:10:33 AM EST

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