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I was thinking that each subdivision of a treaty could be translated into a separate graph - normally the treaties are organised topically. For instance, the Treaty on the European Community has parts, titles, chapters, sections, articles, paragraphs and subparagraphs. Regarding the institutions (part 5) what you want seems to be a breakdown at _chapter_ level (since the individual institutions are _sections_ within _chapter 1_ and you want to show them all in the same diagram).
Part five -- Institutions of the Community
   TITLE I -- Provisions governing the institutions
      Chapter 1 -- The institutions 
	 Section 1 -- The European Parliament (arts 189-201)
	 Section 2 -- The Council (arts 202-210)
	 Section 3 -- The Commission (arts 211-219)
	 Section 4 -- The Court of Justice (arts 220-245)
	 Section 5 -- The Court of Auditors (arts 246-248)
      Chapter 2 -- Provisions common to several institutions
      Chapter 3 -- The Economic and Social Committee   
      Chapter 4 -- The Committee of the Regions
      Chapter 5 -- The European Investment Bank
So, for instance, you can probably get away with representing Chapter 1 in a single sheet, with each "section" being a region and each article an annotation (possibly an arrow, possibly a bullet point).

BTW, I'm mystified about the difference between "council of ministers" and "council of states" in your diary's graph.

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